Thaddaeus 110 Mage

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Thaddaeus 110 Mage

Postby Thaddaeus » Sat Jan 26, 2019 7:26 pm

Name: Thaddaeus

Class: Magician

Level 105 required. Check

AAs Assigned/Total Spent (Min 12,000): 16708

Days/Played: Like 13 days, but have been playing EQ like 16 years, started in 2001

Has this character ever had a different name? Nope

Magelo ID (required):

List all previous raiding guilds and the reason(s) you left: Was in Shining Alliance back in 2004ish, left them to join Reavers of Fate during OoW with my warrior Diyos then stopped raiding on Prexus/rathe and moved to new progression servers. Raided with a few top raiding guilds and came back to server during house of thule. Played with TSM during their building of 2 raid forces during Rain of Fear and Call of the Forsaken with my new warrior Bathala. And since then been slumming it on the newer progression servers as a cleric, monk, pally. Recently brought back to live due to how many progressions servers keep coming out and family on the rathe i can play with.

Are you the original owner of this account? I am

Resists maxed? As maxed as i can get them.

Ability to gate, invis, shrink? Yes, Yes and yes.

Is your gear group EoK or better, and have you filled all aug slots? Yes and no. As you can see from my magelo most of my gear is TBL/conflag not a whole lot of augs yet but working on it. Have been getting tradeskills to 300.

Do you have Essence of the Dragon I completed? (Achievements >> EoK >> Progression) Not yet but working on that as well.

Is this the character you wish to raid with? Yes please

Do you use Gina triggers? We require the use of triggers as an effective raiding tool. Used Gina triggers with TSM and other raiding guilds on progression servers. I have no issues with it.

Do you use a parse program? We require the use of a parse program for the purpose of self evaluation/improvement of raid performance. I used the old parse system, heard it was bugged. Waiting for the new one. I like to contend.

You must maintain at least 60% raid attendance during your app period. If a situation occurs that you can not meet this, you must notify an officer.
Being realistic, what percentage of raids do you think you will attend? To be honest I work 12 hour night shifts on the westcoast and I leave for work at 6pm pst and im on a biweekly rotation of days so my raid times will be weird. I want to raid and i want to play but work is work. If im on and youre raiding i will be there 100% of the time. But if I gotta work and do RL stuff, im not gonna be there.

Why do you wish to join Phoenix Rises? I have 3 family members who are in atm and want to raid on progress with them. Garron, Brigitte and Ahab. I also want to be a helpful asset to this guild. I know alot of members here who have been playing as long as i have and would like to help in anyway possible to get these veteran players and old friends a chance to have a good time and progress in this game we have all put countless years playing.

Is there anything else you would like to add, such as outstanding contributions you could make to Phoenix Rises? As far as outstanding I dont know, however, I do know I am a dedicated player and well versed in raiding. I can follow directions, listen, and suggesting new ideas and tactics for execution of plays or raids. Looking to hear from you all, Thaddaeus
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